Tire Care is a Key Component to Owning a New Subaru Model

Tires are often forgotten, which can result in dangerous situations and our staff here at Byers Subaru Dublin doesn't want you to be stranded. This is why we take care in assuring your new Subaru or used car model's tires are in proper order, and we want you to know what to look for, and when to be concerned.

Here are a few things for our Columbus, Powell, Delaware, and Upper Arlington area customers to look for when inspecting tires on a regular basis. Should anything seem out of place, bring it to our attention. Don't wait until a tire problem leaves you in harm's way; keep these points in mind and stay on top of your tire maintenance.

  • Make sure there's adequate air in your tires. Proper inflation does not occur by default; it takes attention to detail and checking regularly. Something like a stuck nail or a break in the tire can cause leakage, and the lowered air pressure reduces the ability to properly grip the road.
  • Know where and when to check. Correct tire inflation pressure can be located in the owner's manual and on the placard in the driver's door pillar. A good rule to use is to check your tires each time you fill your gas tank. Remember that temperature changes will affect tire pressure readings.
  • Know when to rotate. It is recommended that your tires be rotated regularly to ensure the alignment is correct and that your tires are being worn properly. It is recommended by Subaru that tires be rotated every 7,500 miles but depending on your individual driving habits, this could be more frequently.
  • Use the correct tires. Having tires that are properly fitted for your car is an important factor in your safety, so it's best to consult our staff to determine what size and grip is needed for your specific model. When the wrong tires are used, it affects braking, speed, and other major components, including alignment.
  • Change all four at once. It's important to remember that all four tires must be replaced at the same time to ensure proper wear and optimal safety and performance. At Byers Subaru Dublin, we can not only care for your tires, but replace them also. Tires purchased at Byers Subaru Dublin are installed by our Certified Subaru Technicians, following the technicians process for success.

Pay us a visit here at Byers Subaru Dublin to discuss any issues you may have, whether with tires or other service concerns, and make sure you are up to date on your Subaru model's maintenance schedule. When in doubt, ask us if something concerns you.

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