Keep Your Subaru Running with these Seasonal Care Tips

Subaru is known for reliability all year long. But to keep your Subaru vehicle running like you would expect it to, you have to do a few things to keep it in good shape. Your Subaru vehicle will rely on you to maintain it just as much as you will rely on it to tackle anything you throw at it.

Maintenance is important for multiple reasons. It can keep your Subaru running smoothly, improve its mileage, increase its trade-in value, and even save you time and money on repairs down the road. Here are the different things that you can do to keep your Subaru on the road no matter the season.

  • Belts: Turn off your engine and check the belts in the car for cracks and missing pieces. You can check to make sure it is properly tight by pressing down on the belt with your thumb. It shouldn't give more than half an inch. If it does it needs to be tightened.
  • Hoses: Before you start up your engine, while the car is cold, feel the hoses for any bulges, cracks, softspots, or brittleness. If you find anything, have the hose replaced.
  • Coolant: You can check the level of coolant in your radiator by looking at the coolant overflow tank. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze keeps your engine cool in hot weather and also keeps your engine from freezing in temperatures as low as -40.
  • Oil: Change your oil and filter as often as recommended in your Owner's Manual with the recommended oil grade.
  • Power Steering Fluid: If the dipstick reads that the Power Steering Fluid is below the HOT range then add the recommended steering fluid up to the upper level mark.
  • Brake Fluid: If your brake fluid gets below MIN then add brake fluid from a sealed container to bring it up to MAX. If you notice a significant drop in fluid levels it may mean that you have a leak and should bring your vehicle in immediately.
  • Air Filter: Check your air filter for debris.
  • Battery: Check your battery terminals and remove any corrosion with a toothbrush and a mix of baking soda and water.
  • Tires: Once a month check your tire pressure. Keep your tires inflated to the recommendations in your Owner's Manual.
  • Wipers, Washers, Horn and Lights: Make sure you check all of these to ensure that they are all in proper working order.

For more information about the maintenance schedule of your Subaru model, to schedule service or order parts, contact Byers Subaru Dublin at (888) 903-5436 or stop by and see us at our Columbus, OH location.

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