Get Service Tune-Ups to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Your Subaru works hard to get you from point A to point B. Treat your Outback, Forester, Impreza or other vehicle to regular tune-ups and scheduled service to keep it running at peak performance on the streets of Columbus, OH.

Don't wait until it's too late to have your Subaru car or SUV inspected or parts replaced by a professional technician. Some of the following warning signs indicate it's time to seek maintenance for your vehicle:

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  • Hard Starting: A result of neglected maintenance, this common car trouble is often attributed to issues with the choke mechanism or starting sensor. But if you are having very challenging time getting the car to start, it could be caused by the electrical system not functioning properly and should be checked by a Subaru expert right away.
  • Knocking: If you hear knocking noises upon heavy acceleration, climbing a hill, or other "stressful" maneuver, it's time to get an engine check. While your vehicle may come equipped with a knock sensor to correct minor issues, a larger problem requires professional attention.

  • Rough Running: Does your Subaru shake or rattle during acceleration, while idle or even consistently? There might be a problem with the fuel or ignition system or a valve or piston in need of repair or replacement.

  • Poor Gas Mileage: If you find yourself at the pump more often than usual, it could be a result of minor problems like under-inflated tires or misaligned wheels. Or it could be something larger like transmission failure or dragging breaks. Either way, a seasoned pro can help diagnose and fix your Subaru.

  • Stalling: A variety of issues can lead to unexpected engine stalling. Depending on the circumstances such as the presence of extreme heat or cold, stalling can be caused by anything from dirty fuel system parts to malfunctioning sensors to worn spark plugs. All of which are easily avoidable with regularly scheduled maintenance.

  • Dieseling: You may be more familiar with the terminology "after run," which is when the engine continues to make a cough or chug like noise after being turned off. After confirming that you are using the correct gasoline grade for your vehicle, speak with our Subaru service team to properly diagnose the issue.

  • Power Loss: One of the leading causes is a dirty fuel filter. Don't skip scheduled service intervals to ensure your Subaru vehicle's parts are replaced, as necessary.

    Whether you are experiencing one of the aforementioned issues or know it's time for your next preventative maintenance appointment, give Byers Subaru Dublin's Service Department a call at (888) 903-5436 to speak with one of our skilled technicians about scheduling time for a proper diagnosis or tune-up.