Subaru Size Comparison of the Ascent, Outback and Forester

2019 Subaru

Learn the Differences Between 2019 Subaru Models in Columbus, OH

Drivers who choose Subaru choose a brand built on providing a method of transportation to support adventure. Subaru's Ascent, Forester and Outback 2019 editions are three examples that fulfill this goal effortlessly. Given how close they appear in design and purpose, Ohio drivers may be curious how the models differentiate from one another.

It's a fair question. Each model is labeled as a crossover SUV manufactured with reliable Subaru performance and enough space to satisfy those who rely on that when they're packing up all the essentials for a future trip or outing. It is important to note the distinctions that make each model stand on its own four wheels.

2019 Subaru OutbackSubaru Outback2019 Subaru ForesterSubaru Forester2019 Subaru AscentSubaru Ascent

2019 Subaru Ascent vs. 2019 Subaru Forester vs. 2019 Subaru Outback

There are ample similarities that run through all three models like the standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, a version of the well-known SUBARU BOXER® four-cylinder engine and an 8.7-inch ground clearance. Each feature standard SUBARU STARLINK™ multimedia, compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android™ Auto, in all trim options. Plus, standard EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology provides additional on-road safety.

How Each Subaru Model Compares in Size

Exterior Dimensions: Based on length/width/height dimensions, the 2019 Ascent is the largest of the three, followed by the 2019 Outback and finishing with the smallest 2019 Forester. The same pattern pertains to the wheelbase dimension and distance between the front wheels and rear wheels. Given a greater exterior frame, the 2019 Subaru Ascent exhibits the utmost interior space.

2019 Subaru Ascent2019 Subaru Ascent
Subaru Outback InteriorSubaru Outback InteriorSubaru Forester InteriorSubaru Forester InteriorSubaru Ascent InteriorSubaru Ascent Interior
Subaru Ascent Cargo Storage InteriorSubaru Ascent Cargo Storage Interior

Interior Seating: With three rows that seat an eight-passenger maximum, the 2019 Ascent wins the bout with 153.5 cubic-feet of total passenger volume compared to less than 120 cubic-feet found in the 2019 Outback and Forester models. The 2019 Forester and Outback are equipped with a five-passenger, two-row seating arrangement. Despite its smaller exterior dimensions, the 2019 Forester comprises a higher passenger volume than the Outback.

It's important for drivers and passengers to have enough space to readjust and move around, which brings up interior legroom, headroom and shoulder room. With one more row to consider in the 2019 Ascent, it's difficult to adequately compare all three on these accounts. One thing is for certain, occupants in the 2019 Forester will relax with more legroom and headroom than they would in the 2019 Outback. All models range about the same in shoulder room.

Cargo Storage: Since the 2019 Ascent has won on accounts of exterior dimensions, seating, and passenger volume, it continues with greater quantities of cargo capacity: 47.5 cubic-feet behind its second row and up to 86.5 cubic-feet when its second passenger row is folded down. Regarding two-row designs, the 2019 Forester features higher cargo space, 76.1 cubic-feet, when its rear seats are folded into the floor than the 73.3 cubic-feet in the Outback.

Comparing the Roles of Each Subaru Model

Given an extra row of seating integrated into its design, the 2019 Subaru Ascent is geared toward families who need additional seating, passenger space and cargo capacity in the rear. The 2019 Outback and Forester, however, are good matches for those drivers who like a smaller, more agile design and function on less space for fewer passengers.

Test Drive the Outback, Forester or Ascent at Byers Subaru Dublin

Each of these Subaru crossover SUV models share similar characteristics and stand on their own with unique dimensions and storage space. By knowing your passenger count and space preference, the only thing left for you to do is plan a time to visit our Columbus Subaru dealership to take each model out to get the full effect before making your final decision. We believe you'll find what you need in either our 2019 Ascent, Outback or Forester crossover when you shop Byers Subaru Dublin.

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