Lease a Subaru

Lease a Subaru

Lease a New Subaru in Columbus, OH

At Byers Subaru, you're able to find a wide range of different new vehicles at the dealership. To get behind the wheel, you can lease your next Subaru here in Columbus, and our team is always happy to provide you with details and get started in assisting you as we find lease offers on new Subaru vehicles that meet your needs.

Buying vs. Leasing: What is the Difference?

When you are shopping for a new Subaru, you have two options. You can buy, or you can lease. When you buy, you're agreeing to make a down payment, plus secure an auto loan which you'll pay off in monthly installments until the loan is finished. When you do, you own the vehicle. Leasing is when you make a (usually smaller) down payment and then low monthly payments over set terms, generally two or three years (24 or 36 months). After the lease terms are done, you can bring your leased vehicle back to upgrade to a new Subaru, purchase your leased vehicle at its remaining costs by securing an auto loan, or go in a different direction.

Many people enjoy the fact that leasing allows them to get behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle, while also having flexibility as they're only committed to it for as long as the lease terms run. And, you get the chance to always enjoy the latest vehicle options.

How Lease End and Lease Return Works

If you're currently leasing a Subaru and the terms you agreed to are about to expire, you'll get a notice from the automaker and from our dealership letting you know it's time to get prepared to return your lease. That means making sure any repairs that are needed get done, and assessing the mileage of the vehicle as well. You'll get a checklist which allows you to be prepared as you can go down the list and make sure everything is in order.

If you're returning a vehicle to then get a new Subaru lease, we'll help you facilitate that. If you're returning the vehicle and choose to go in a different direction, we will help with that too.

We Can Answer Your Leasing Questions

For all those in the Columbus area who are looking to learn more about leasing a new Subaru, you can visit our FAQ page on our website where we answer specific leasing questions about the leasing process to give you added confidence when shopping for new options here at the dealership.

Discover All the New Subaru Vehicles You Can Lease in Columbus

There are lots of choices for everyone who comes to visit us, be it Westerville, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Powell, Delaware, or Dublin, OH. You'll be able to view current lease specials on all new Subaru vehicles, as well as take them our for a test drive. This includes the likes of the Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, and Ascent. We of course will guide you through all the current leasing offers for each one and give you the chance to experience new Subaru vehicles up close before securing a lease.

Contact us to get started here at Byers Subaru Dublin as we'd be happy to help you throughout the process of getting a new Subaru lease!

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