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Byers Subaru Financing Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

Whether you're shopping for the latest in a long line of cars you've owned and driven around Dublin, Powell and Delaware, OH, or you're a first-time buyer, auto financing can be a tricky process to figure out. Luckily for you, our Columbus, OH Subaru dealership makes this often-difficult process easy as can be. And before you begin shopping, we've answered some financing frequently asked questions, helping you prepare for the best kind of new Subaru or used car deal that will work for your budget, and for the vehicle you'll use around Upper Arlington, Hilliard and Westerville, OH. If you have any specific questions not answered here, simply get in touch or visit us on Billingsley Road in Columbus and we'll be delighted to help you out.

Auto Financing F.A.Q.

Why is financing a smart option?

There's no getting around the universal truth of the auto industry: cars are expensive. Whether it's a brand-new Subaru or any used vehicle, few shoppers are prepared to pay in full. With that in mind, buying or leasing will help you purchase the car, truck or SUV you want here in Columbus, while working out a lease or loan deal that you can pay off over a determined amount of time. The kinds of lease deals or interest rates on a new or used car loan you qualify for is largely dependent on your credit score, employment, financial history and other information we thoroughly check, giving you an idea of what type of ride you can successfully finance.

What if I don't have good credit?

Many people have poor, damaged, or even no credit history, impacting the type of auto loan they can secure. But here at our Columbus dealership, we're known for working with shoppers with all types of impacted credit, helping you find and buy the ride you need around Dublin and Powell, while also helping you build back your credit score. Having something like a car loan that you can consistently pay off on a monthly basis is a great way to build strong credit, and for future leases or purchases, you'll qualify for an even better deal.

What Will My Monthly Payments Be Like?

There are many factors that impact what your monthly payments will be for any new Subaru lease or used or new car loan. Luckily for you, we'll determine these monthly dues at the time of your purchase, so you'll know fully what you owe each month. Depending on how much you can afford for a down payment, the interest rates you qualify for, and the price of the vehicle you negotiate, as well as how many months or years you plan on paying off your loan, you can structure your monthly payments in a number of ways, and our finance center staff members are here to help you out.

How do interest rates work?

Depending on your credit score, the overall health of the economy and other factors, you'll have a certain interest rate on your auto loan. That's going to impact your monthly payments, while, again, we'll factor in those interest costs into your dues and the overall price of the new Subaru or used car you're buying.

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This is just a brief and elementary overview of some frequently asked questions regarding auto financing, and we're sure you have more questions and concerns of your own. We're here to help you out and go over programs we offer like guaranteed financing no matter what your credit score or financial history is like, and with all kinds of new Subaru specials and used car specials and how those impact your payments. Learn about the value of paying in full if you're able, or putting more money down to lower your monthly payments, while finding the best deal on any new Subaru or used car you're buying here in Columbus.

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