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  • Mark Laub
    General Manager

    "I am a 30 year Law Enforcement Veteran, proudly serving the community in Columbus and Franklin County.  I joined the Award Winning Byers Automotive team in 1999.  My staff's number one focus is customer service and the "ease" of doing business here at our store.  Our philosophy is a simple one...."Do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do", in order to make "You" a customer and a friend for life."

  • Keith Cordova
    Subaru Sales Manager

    "I started working for Byers in February 2001.  I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and served in "The Silent Service" on nuclear submarines.  I have been in sales since 1986 and in the auto industry since 1991.  With this experience, I am dedicated to a very simple guiding philosophy; I must rely on my valued team members to achieve our personal goals.  What are those goals? Honest communication, great customer service, and repeat business, because there is no better treatment than here at our dealership."

  • Jon Haskins
    Internet Manager

    "I have been a member of the Award Winning Byers Automotive team since 1999.  My goal today is the same as it was when I started, and that is to make "Your" car buying experience a positive one.  As a husband and father of 2 beautiful girls, I understand the demands for time can be tough so let me make "your" time here less demanding.  Feel free to contact me at the email listed below or give me a call.  Let "us" show "you" how easy car buying can be."

  • Jeff Hutchinson
    Finance Manager

    "I have been with Byers since November 2006.  I served in the U.S. Army and Ohio Army National Guard for over 10 years.  I have been assisting customers with their financing needs for over 9 years.  Whether you are buying your first car, rebuilding your credit or just need the best rate available, I am here to help.  I believe in doing things quickly and efficiently the first time.  If you need assistance please email me."

  • Jay Wilder
    Finance Manager

  • Pat Biles
    Service Manager

  • Greg Scott
    Subaru Parts Manager

  • Atef Behery
    Subaru and Internet Guest Service Specialist

    Atef  Behery  

    "I'm an Egyptian American.  My promise is to make your purchase experience enjoyable and painless.  I have a strong faith "what goes around comes around."  I will treat you right with high professionalism.  Just call or email me and you'll find out.  I am married and have 3 sons."

  • Zach Jenkins
    Subaru Guest Service Specialist

    Zach Jenkins

    Hello, my name is Zach Jenkins. I've been proudly serving as a team member at Byers Dublin Subaru since 2010. I joined the team to sell my favorite brand, because of how well they treated me when I bought my first Subaru in 2005. They have always provided a comfortable environment for customers to shop, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy representing Byers.


    I cannot say enough good things about the Subaru brand, along with what they stand for. Subaru has a focus on Customer Satisfaction, Safety, the Environment, not to mention an All Wheel Drive system that I will not do without in my personal cars. I have and will continue to buy Subaru's for myself, along with all my family and friends. I feel good about helping people own such safe cars. Please contact me, and I'll be happy to tell you all about what Subaru and Byers Dublin Subaru have to offer.



  • John Gregory
    Subaru Guest Specialist

    John Gregory

     I've been with Byers Dublin Subaru since January of 2016, I joined "The Hometown Team" simply because they do the right thing for their employees and customers alike. I have been in sales for over 20 years and selling Subaru's is the best by far. They  make a great product and take care of their customers just like the Byers Family. I am married with three boys and my wife drives a Subaru as well.

    My father always told me not to sell anything I would not own or believe in and these are the words I have lived by, so if you are in the market for a Subaru please give me a call or send and email and I will be proud to show you what Byers Dublin and Subaru have to offer. 


  • Bob Miller
    Subaru Guest Service Specialist

    "I have been with Byers Mazda Subaru since the summer of 2003.  Helping people solve their transportation needs is important to me.  I find it very rewarding to learn the needs of my customers and help find solutions.  Outside of the dealership, I am involved with my own business of working with children with puppets and mascot costume shows.  Tommy Toothbrush, Eddie Eyeglasses, and Bobbi Buckle-Up are just a few of my creations.  My wife, Jane and I have been married for 21 years and have 3 boys - Preston-19, Luke-15, and Micah-12."

  • Chad Sneed
    Subaru Guest Service Specialist

    Chad Sneed

    Byers Dublin Subaru is my first experience in selling vehicles, and so far I have learned a lot on how to properly help our guests in their purchasing experience. I always strive to provide a respectable, considerate and an enjoyable experience during each and every contact with us.

    I truly believe in the Subaru brand, so much so that both my parents and myself have purchased Subarus.  Personally I have owned three WRX STI's myself and because of that I have come to be greatly influenced by the performance capabilities Subaru's have. My goal is to provide you with information about why the rally heritage has influenced me, and how it can provide you with a safe, reliable vehicle for you and your family.

    Having a Golf Professional for a brother, much of my down time is spent on the course! If you have any questions on how I can help, please contact me and we can start to build a relationship you can trust.

  • Monte Curry
    Subaru Guest Specialist

    Monte Curry
    I'm Monte Curry and I have been selling and leasing Subarus for the last decade. I would welcome the opportunity to get the chance of working with the customers that view the world as I do.

    Where I can explain the Subaru of interest to you in terms anyone can understand also known as laymans terms. The process should be low pressure and one of respect with enough time to make the right choice.

    I have volumes of real life experience, some of the highlights of my list are HVAC and Refrigeration, a tech for Sony in southern California and a goldsmith jeweler. It's given me a broad respect for what others have to do during their life's journey to get to where they are or even where they may be going. So in short, I'm easy to talk to and I enjoy helping others understand why Subaru owners are so fanatical about their cars.

  • Kevin Hickle
    Subaru Guest Specialist

  • Bob Gaunt
    Fleet Manager

  • Zach Nugen
    Pre-Owned Guest Specialist

  • Don Overmyer
    Subaru Internet Guest Service Specialist

    Don Overmyer

    I joined the Byers Family in the Spring of 2013, long after I purchased my first Subaru in 1995.  My ownership of their vehicle has built for me a trust in the brand and it's products. 

    This led me to leverage my professional skills from a 35 year career in design to this second career as Internet Guest Specialist for the dealership.  Outside of the work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and pursue my intersts in landscape painting.

    I look forward to working with you as you the Subaru Brand for your next vehicle purchase.

  • Brandon Jackson
    Pre-Owned Guest Specialist

    Brandon  Jackson

    I joined the Byers Dublin Subaru team in 2012.  Coming from a banking background, it was important for me to join an organization that takes pride in honesty and integrity. 

    I have a beautiful wife and two sons.  Our family car is a Subaru legacy.  My philosophy is to treat others as you would want to be treated.  I enjoy showing others all the reasons I put my family in a Subaru.

  • Dave Mason
    Pre-Owned Guest Specialist

  • Jeff Rettinger
    Pre-Owned Internet Guest Service Specialist

    Jeff Rettinger  

    This is my 25th year in the Automotive industry and I truly enjoy helping customers find the perfect vehicle for their families. I have worked for the Byers Family for 8 years. I am in the Pre-Owned department by choice, I love the diversity of our inventory. Couple that with the fact that the Byers family does everything right! Over a hundred years of customer service.

    We do a GREAT 115 point shop inspections on every car. If it doesn't pass...We get rid of the car at auction. If your looking for a Great Pre-Owned vehicle...This is the place, and I am the guy to take care of the details. CALL me and lets talk.


    I'll see you soon!


  • Tim England
    Parts Advisor

Certified: Byers Mazda Subaru