Our Dealership is Taking Precautions to Keep You Safe

Byers Subaru Dublin is Taking Precautions to Keep You Safe in the Wake of the COVID-19 Virus!

We are concerned about your family and ours and want to keep you safe. You can Save Time in the dealership and start your deal online, in fact most things can be done without entering the dealership until it’s time to pick up your new vehicle. Along with our Sales Department, our Service and Parts Departments are available to service your vehicle during this time when you may not need it as much for daily use. Through this unexpected pandemic, we are doing everything that we can to keep you in mind, and to keep you healthy and happy. We are doing everything that we can to help you continue on with your daily life, and to be able to utilize our services and resources while still remaining safe.

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What We're Doing to Help

What We're Doing To Help

The health, well-being, and safety of Byers Dublin Subaru's staff, visitors, and guests is the most important thing to me and to our entire organization. Over the past couple of weeks, my team and I have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 across the Country and, more specifically, throughout Ohio. While much is still unknown about the future of this virus, I am hopeful that we will soon see an end to its wide-reaching and devastating effects.

As experts in Ohio and around the globe work tirelessly to slow the velocity of this virus, I wanted to share with you some of the steps Byers Dublin Subaru is taking to ensure that staff and visitors at our store remain safe. In addition to actively monitoring the guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), our stores have:

  • Posted relevant signage throughout the stores which provides information about COVID-19, and critical ways to avoid being exposed to it.
  • Increased the number of hand sanitizer stations throughout the stores, and relentlessly encouraging members of our team to wash their hands throughout the day.
  • Purchased additional cleaning supplies whereby every member of the Byers Dublin Subaru team can assist in cleaning and sanitizing high-contact areas throughout the day.
  • Directed our janitorial team to ensure that cleaning and sanitizing all high-contact areas, such as door handles, desktops, railings, doorknobs, etc., on a nightly basis.
  • Worked to ensure that all high-contact features and areas on vehicles (including door handles, steering wheels, shift knobs, etc..) are properly sanitized before guests are permitted inside of them.
  • Suspended our internal shuttle service to leverage the service provided by larger Ride Share programs.
  • This is just a brief overview of what we're doing to combat the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and we continue to work daily to identify new ways to grow and strengthen our response efforts. Simply put, you can rest assured knowing that my team and I are approaching this situation diligently and proactively with an abundance of caution, and out of an abundance of care.

    As I think of the work and what we're doing to keep Byers Dublin Subaru safe, I'm also mindful of the work that needs to be done to keep others in our community safe. As you know, Byers Dublin Subaru works tirelessly to support charitable organizations throughout Ohio, especially organizations that help the most vulnerable among us. As we navigate this challenging time, I'd ask that you keep charitable organizations like The Ohio State University’s Stephanie Spielman Breast Cancer Research Center, Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, and Canine Companions for Independence in your hearts and minds. These charities provide a wide array of support to those who need it most, and they could use our help as well. Donations of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. will go a long way in assisting them in combating the virus. If you're interested in helping, please let me know. I would be happy to help connect you with someone at one or more of these organizations.

    Finally, I'd like to offer one parting thought:

    I know that the uncertainty associated with the spread of COVID-19 is cause for great concern. However, I invite everyone to unite, as Ohioans traditionally do, to approach this unique challenge with a calm and steady hand. Because in the spirit of Subaru, sometimes the road before us won't be found on a map, nor is that road typically leveled or paved, but that hasn't stopped us before, and it won't stop us now. That's because when Subaru drivers are on a journey together, we're unstoppable.

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