Byers Subaru Considers your Buy vs. Lease Decision

Choosing a new Subaru model isn't the only big decision you will make here at Byers Subaru. When it comes to financing or leasing a Subaru, you will have to consider whether buying or leasing this dream daily driver is ultimately right for you and what you're looking for.

But you aren't alone in this process! Our finance team is here to walk you through the pros and cons of each financing option, what is different about these selections, and how you aim to benefit regardless of the final decision you end up making.

Buying your New Subaru Model

  • Ownership-When you choose to purchase your next vehicle from our new Subaru lineup, you own the rights to this vehicle once your auto loan is paid and lender contract agreement is fulfilled. This allows you to establish equity with your investment month over month
  • Mileage-As part of your ownership advantage, the new Subaru model you operate comes with zero mileage restrictions for the freedom to travel wherever, whenever
  • Customization-Along these same lines of ownership privileges comes freedom to customize with parts and accessories as you deem fit. Match the vehicle's look and feel with your specific vision to experience the open road just as you prefer
  • Cost-While several advantages exist, there are other factors to consider. A vehicle purchase will likely require a down payment and higher monthly payments than other financing options

Leasing your New Subaru Model

  • Flexibility-A main benefit of Subaru leases is the flexibility that this finance option provides. When choosing to lease, you commit to a vehicle for a shorter period and enjoy the freedom to upgrade at the end of your agreement
  • Cost-Costs are typically lower on a month to month basis when leasing your new Subaru model. Down payments normally aren't required as part of your lease commitment
  • New Condition-Many of the privileges that new Subaru owners enjoy still extend to lease participants. You still get to operate a brand new car that comes with some warranty coverage and the latest in Subaru design and technology
  • Ownership-One pitfall of choosing to lease comes in contract details. Your lease agreement comes with mileage restrictions, wear-and-tear fees, and customization limitations. Failure to follow these requirements will result in extra costs as your lease contract concludes

Proceed to Subaru Seamless Shopping After Choosing to Buy or Lease

Consult with our team and feel good about your buy vs. lease selection? It's time to get started on required financing steps with Subaru Seamless Shopping, which allows you to value your trade-in, personalize payments, pre-qualify and even apply for credit all from the comfort of home. With these steps taken care of, reserve your new Subaru and reach out directly for confirmation of your order. Explore our frequently asked questions about leasing!

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