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The Subaru Outback Remains a Top Choice for Columbus, OH Drivers

Offering versatility with efficient driving and strong off-roading characteristics, the new 2018 Subaru Outback is perfect for Columbus, OH drivers. Whether you're commuting and adventuring on your own, or shopping for a sensible family vehicle, the new Outback is a great option, providing you with a wealth of available safety features, easy to access infotainment functions and plenty of space for passenger seating and cargo storage.


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Subaru Service and Repair Near Me

Our Service Center Offers Quality Auto Servicing for a Competitive Price and at a Convenient Location

There is no worse feeling than when that check engine light comes on. What could it be? How expensive will this get? Don’t stress! The expertly-trained staff at our Subaru service center have got you covered!

Our team understands the ins and outs of various Subaru models, like the Subaru Impreza and the Subaru Crosstrek. They can quickly diagnose your coupe, car or SUV and inform you of the issue. From there, they can take the proper steps to get your Subaru back…

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What Comes Standard on the 2019 Subaru Ascent

Safety to Performance, the All-New Ascent Has a Slew of Standard Features

The all-new Subaru Ascent comes standard with a number of features. These range from safety features to advanced technology and even performance features. One of these is the standard Subaru EyeSight ® Driver Assist Technology package.

This safety package includes a variety of features that monitor the road around you for danger. When it picks up on something then it will alert you. Some of these features can even make corrective measure to help you avoid or mitigate the damage from a collision.

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Dependable & Long-Lasting Subaru Vehicles Are Perfect For Used-Car Shoppers!

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If you happen to be in the market for a pre-owned ride, then it goes without saying that you need to find a car that you can count on to serve you for many more miles to come further down the road.

Well, here is the simple fact of the matter regarding the longevity of Subaru models. A whopping 97% of every single Subaru sold in the last decade are still driving on the roads to this very day! That sure says a whole lot about just how remarkably reliable that Subaru vehicles truly are.

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What Can We Expect from Incoming 2019 Subaru Models?

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The 2019 Subaru lineup has plenty of new and exciting things to explore and we can't wait to share them with you when they arrive at our Subaru dealership in Columbus! What kinds of new and exciting things, you ask? We don't have all the details quite yet, but the additions to the lineup that we do know about are nothing short of exhilarating! Here are a couple of the highlights we can expect from the upcoming 2019 round of new Subaru models:

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Understanding the Language of Warning Lights

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Ever wondered what one of those dashboard lights means? Modern vehicles are typically pretty good at letting you know what they're doing or when something is amiss. Your vehicle's dashboard warning lights are its method of communicating with you. That's why it's important to make sure you understand the lights and know what your Subaru is trying to tell you.

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Schedule Subaru Maintenance in Columbus for a Smooth Transition into Spring

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​Spring is here in full force in Columbus, bringing changes and new beginnings. Of course, winter doesn't tend to leave quietly. It often drops a few parting gifts before it goes and your Subaru could be a little worse for wear as a result. That's why now is a great time for some spring service. Our service center can help your vehicle get back up to full strength after a ruthless winter so both you and your Subaru can ride smoothly through spring.

So, what does spring Subaru service entail? Here are a few of our recommended maintenance…

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How the Subaru Forester Can Meet the Needs of Your Life

Having a vehicle that you can be confident in is important, it relieves a lot of stress from your life. When you visit Byers Subaru Dublin in Columbus, OH, we will make sure you can find the one that is perfect for the needs of your life. If you want a vehicle that can provide maximum traction, a spacious interior, and a strong engine, we can get you scheduled for a test drive in the Subaru Forester to help you see what it is capable of.

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