Subaru Loves Pets and So Do We!

Those of us who have pets know that our lives would be much different, and much emptier, without our furry friends at our side, and our favorite Japanese automaker feels the same way. That's why the Subaru Loves Pets event exists and we're hosting it right here at Byers Subaru Dublin! If you're looking to find a pet to bring home and give a good home, then be sure to mark this event on your calendar.



On October 22nd from 1pm to 4pm, both the Canine Companions for Independence and the Delaware County Humane Society will be here at our dealership, along with Danes Dogs Food Truck, with a bunch of adorable, fuzzy, friendly animals looking for a forever home. If you decide to adopt a pet with us, we'll even provide you with a New Pet Owner's Kit to make the transition even easier for both you and your new pal. We also have information for those of you interested in being a foster home for pets or a puppy raiser, so please ask!

Don't forget that we're accepting donations for all of October to donate to a local shelter, and donations of pet food, pet toys, and cash are also accepted. For each donation, we'll give you a Subaru Plush Toy and a bandana for your pet, sure to make them equal parts happy and stylish. Please click here for more information on this event or come visit us and we'll give you the details you need. We hope to see you soon and set you up with a new best friend for life!

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